Friday, February 5, 2010

Indoor Sheep Farm

I may not have a real flock of sheep to feed my fiber fetish, but this little crew is too cute to put out in the cold. I decided to make some mini-sheep as samples of the fleece I've been working with, instead of sticking locks to some drab notecard. Here's the line-up....

These tiny ewes are made on a skeleton frame of clothespins and wire, with painted legs, then wool wrapped around the body and head and needle-felted. The needle is particularly sharp with miniscule barbs along the shaft that fuse the wool fibers together. You only have to stab it between 400 to 480 times to get the right shape. It's lots of fun...and releases a ton of frustration!

An Icelandic curly-top!

Everyone needs a black sheep in the family. Here's a Romney.

Some dye-jobs are always hanging around in the background!

Peaches & Friend

Just had to add this little picture of dear Peaches and her new friend...