Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving Day

I've found a new home for blogs and business... Follow me at Our Life On the Lane at WordPress for more Nelson News!

Friday, August 5, 2011

This Month On the Lane.....July

Sometimes weeks go by and I wonder what in the name of laundry we did with the time. After reviewing the calendar, homeschool assignments, and pictures taken this month, I'm going to quit being so hard on myself!

July 2011

(Take a deep breath and hum the William Tell Overture)...Attended a writer's conference, saw the doctor, had lunch with the girls, sent out monthly newsletter, taught 2 knitting classes, finished "lava slug" scarf, spun 260 yards of ice-green wool/silk blend, wrote 2 pages of 6-word memoirs and submitted them to SMITH Magazine , read an unknown number of books, started new Language, History, and Science books with kids, got a haircut, groomed the dog, buried Kendra's hamster, bought Kendra a new hamster (which promptly had 2 babies - she's thrilled), got rid of surplus roosters (don't ask, it probably isn't legal), had dinner with Mom, celebrated wedding anniversary (one week early to accommodate David's surgery the next week), put on a "quiz show" for the costume, started writing seriously again, outlined the next school year, picked up the cello again, started learning hammered dulcimer and celtic harp, hosted going-away party for friend, dropped off entries at the Fair, cheered winning entries at the Fair, cursed stupid judges for non-winning entries at the Fair, took Kendra to zoo class for time of her life, saw a movie, and wrote a song (Karen's Waltz).

And THAT's why the laundry didn't get folded!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can I Resign from Technology?

I spend more time trying to get all the technology to work together than I do working on what I need to post! The blog area of one website is inadequate, but the features of another are working. So, in the interests of just trying to get it all down in writing, I'm keeping both the website and the blog site open, and will strive to keep them working together.
Thanks for hanging in there with me, and best wishes to all of us who are techno-frustrated!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Website & Blog

I have streamlined my blog, photos, interests, and info. into one website -

Visit my site to continue our adventures in homeschooling, hobby farming, and fiber!

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Have Eggs!

Thursday's surprise...our first chicken eggs! The chickens are just 6 months old, and it looks like the buffs are going to be great daily layers. Not sure about the silkies, yet...a few eggs are smaller and have faint speckles, but all of them are brown. Hurray, Hurray! Fresh eggs every day!


This is my new (to me) rigid heddle loom. It is a LeClerc Bergere that a neighbor had. I gave it a little scrubbing, a fresh coat of varnish, and voila! A beautiful addition to my yarn yearnings!

A beginner project...cotton hand towels in plain weave.

A Room With A View....Of Yarn

Most people would call this a retreat, a master suite, even a nursery or study area. Not me. It's become MY room! The place where all my favorite fiber friends reside.

Spinning Wheel, Loom, Sewing Machine, Baskets full of Yarn, Cabinets full of Fabric - It's my own personal craft store, and a little piece of paradise!