Friday, July 23, 2010


This is my new (to me) rigid heddle loom. It is a LeClerc Bergere that a neighbor had. I gave it a little scrubbing, a fresh coat of varnish, and voila! A beautiful addition to my yarn yearnings!

A beginner project...cotton hand towels in plain weave.

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  1. I followed a link here from Tabitha's blog. I see you are spinning and weaving! Lovely job on the loom restoration! I am so envious.

    Get your hubby some ground lamb and make some lamb sausage. Grill it up and he'll love it. Next, he'll want lots of it and you'll have to get some hair sheep. No shearing required, they'll mow the lawn, and are generally easy to care for. After a time, you'll convince him that you might as well breed some wool into your flock (lawn mowing, meat, and wool production in one animal)! This is where I am right now. Soon you'll be raising your own wool! And he'll be none the wiser. ;-)

    All your weavings and wooly things are lovely! And so are the eggs!