Monday, January 18, 2010

Spinning A Yarn

Here are my first attempts at spinning...

This is the first spinning on a hand spindle.

A Merino and Corriedale marled yarn - the first ever on my Ashford Traditional.

My lovely spinning wheel.

A blend of leftover wool from a dye class.

"Kendra's Yarn" - a circus blend of primary colors.

Romney Wool and Bamboo Silk spun to sock-weight.

Coming Soon...Icelandic Wool (which is like trying to spin the cotton out of the Tylenol bottle!)


  1. This is so neat! I love your wheel (I have an old Ashford Traddy for the 1970's that belonged to my Grammy and it is still running strong). Love that wheel.

    Your yarn you spun looks wonderful and you're dyeing already - something I want to get into this year.

  2. What would you charge for some knitted socks?